I love the look of old wood and hand painted signs.

Having the chance to do this is scary and fun. You can’t really clean up the old wood and have it look right.  A good eye, a steady hand.

Computer design is almost the complete opposite. You can make no mistakes that you can’t fix.

I was taught graphic design in the old school method. Board layouts with the font’s and all art pasted on the board with wax. I had just started to make a living with that skill when the computers took over and those skills became dead. I use all my hand eye micrometer on making sure the hand painted work comes out square and clean.


Bar And Shield Cash Wrap 001


Bar And Shield Cash Wrap 003


Bar And Shield Cash Wrap 008


SMHD PigeonForge Graphics 02
SMHD PigeonForge Graphics 01

SMHD PigeonForge Graphics 00

SMHD PigeonForge Graphics 03
SMHD PigeonForge Graphics 02

Main View Side Simple 001

Main View Side Simple 000

Hillbilly Harley Sign Dimensons

SMHS Gtlnbrg Designs 023_ 19

SMHS Gtlnbrg Designs 023_ 18

The Beat 64 Water Banner

The Beat 64 Logo Art

Harley-Davidson Mry Store Eagle 01

Harley-Davidson Mry Store Eagle 02

Harley-Davidson Mry Store Eagle 04

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